The best programming language

I’ve done research and I found the best programming language of all time. You may be wondering: is it C++? or Python? or even ASM? You should be thinking: not every language is suitable for every task. They are different. And our industry is changing too fast for choosing all-time favorites. You must be skeptical: is it really possible to select a particular one to be the best?

It is possible. I have done it. Enough suspense, I’m going to say this in 3… 2… 1…

The best programming language is English.

Okay, now you’re skeptical. It’s not even for programming, you say. It’s just language. Or is it? So I’ll ask you something: do you read or write documentation? Comments? I bet you do! And I’ll tell you what: lots of useful stuff is in English only. You better know it. Do you speak with your coworkers? Do you want them to understand your ideas? If you want to work at an international company, you will have to deal with foreigners. The world is becoming increasingly more interconnected, there is no way back.

I’ll tell you more: all popular programming languages are based on English. And if you know how to write well structured English text, you know how to write good code. Because code, really, isn’t for computers. It’s for people. Good code reads like an interesting book: clear and concise, easy to understand and maintain.

Good luck with learning!


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    Аноним 13.08.2014

    Not bad.
    For himself was surprised to find that I have read the whole post without an interpreter.
    but…. i can’t write without an interpreter.

    Thank you.

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    Maksim 03.04.2015

    Вот и нужно учить его 🙂

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